K&L Dance offers weekly dance classes in Brisbane, Australia.
Whether you’re a beginner who has never danced before
or an experienced dancer ready for your next challenge,
we have classes to suit. 

Learn from world-renowned Latin dance instructors and performers
Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane
and their expert teaching team

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2015 Block dates


Block 4 Timetable

Our Block 4 of classes is starting on the 13th of July. K&L Dance offers blocks of 8 week courses. For our first timer’s we are offering a special discount, join our 8 week beginner course for only $120!

In Block 4 we are starting new beginner courses for salsa, bachata, merengue, Brazilian zouk, Kizomba, Samba de gafieira, Argentinean tango and samba no pe.

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K&L Dance offers 3 different parties throughout the year.

Our Zoukieira party is our most popular Latin dance party where our favourite DJs play 50% Brazilian zouk music and 50% samba de gafieira music.

Our kizomba party is dedicated to kizomba lovers.

Our Swouk party is our west coast swing and zouk party where our favourite DJs play 50% Brazilian zouk music and 50% west coast swing music.

Upcoming Parties in 2015


  • 1st of August – Party for K&L 10 years anniversary dancing together
  • August 14 (Zoukieira)
  •  August 28 (Zoukieira)

About K&L

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Kadu and Larissa are world renowned Latin dance professionals originally from Brazil. They are based in Brisbane, Australia since 2007 but spend up to half of every year travelling internationally teaching, performing, choreographing and judging at some of the most important Latin dance events and competitions worldwide.

They founded K&L Dance in 2013. Today K&L Dance offers more than 12 dance styles, has 18 dance instructors weekly trained by Kadu & Larissa and 6 K&L Dance teams that represents K&L Dance in different events around Australia, NZ and Europe.

In 2014 they also choreographed a Brazilian zouk routine for channel 10 TV Show “So You Think You Can Dance Australia”. They are specialised in the following Latin dance Styles – Brazilian zouk, samba de gafieira, salsa and kizomba.

Learn Latin Dance


K&L Dance offers Latin dance classes suitable for all levels. You can come alone, with a group of friends or a partner. Start dancing today!

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  • Goodlife FV: Goodlife Health Club, Homemaker City North, Cnr Wickham Street & Montpelier Road, Fortitude Valley
  • Danceworks: The Dance Works, 19 Burke Street, Wooloongabba, QLD 4102

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K&L Dance Instructors Team


Our instructors are friendly, approachable and always willing to help. To find out more about our K&L Dance instructors team click here.

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Online Classes


K&L Dance online classes are offered as a monthly subscription. For only US$30 per month you have access to 12 movements in your chosen dance style and dance level.

You can also subscribe to multiple dance styles and levels. You are able to cancel your subscription to one style or level at any time and will still receive access to the videos until the current period has expired.

Before you sign up you can see exactly how the classes are delivered by viewing our online classes trial at no cost.

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  • I have been with Kadu and Larissa since they arrived in Australia and have loved them and their teaching techniques from day one.  I always look forward to my class because not only am I learning great Latin moves but we have fun too. Kadu & Larissa get to know you and help you all the way.  I am always recommending Kadu and Larissa (K&L Dance) as the dance company to join.

    Vikki Williamson from Brisbane, Australia
  • I really enjoyed the classes and I think these classes were sometimes a
    little clearer than the instruction videos in terms of explaining the
    The difficulty grade was also spot on.
    I also enjoyed the little jokes :-) Made me smile each time I looked.

    Thanks again

    Gerty Gielen
  • I’ve been dancing Zouk for over two years now and I love taking the K&L classes at Goodlife. Learning with Kadu and Larissa is truly inspirational, the classes are always amazing, the music is perfect and the moves that we learn are beautiful. I feel really privileged to be taught by two of the most outstanding Zouk instructors in the world.

    Emma Greenley from Brisbane – Australia
  • “Kadu and Larissa are without a doubt two of the world’s best and most highly regarded Zouk and Samba de Gafieira dancers. I am proud to say, they are part of my dancing inspiration today”.

    Oliver Pineda, Director – Latin Motion in Sydney – Australia
  • Guys, you are amazing!!!
    Your workshops are so interesting and clear to understand that even wooden man will start to dance!
    And your performance is the best zouk-show I’ve ever seen!
    Thank you once again for job you are doing in promotion of zouk around the world!
    Hope to see you on congresses!!!

    Yaroslav Zhovnirenko from Ukraine
  • Estou aproveitando muito o módulo Samba de Gafieira. Acho que da forma que vocês estruturaram ficou muito bom de aprender!

    Leomar Antonio Ritter – Curitiba Brazil
  • Hi Larissa, I am new to Zouk and had my very first days ever of dancing and training during this past weekend’s festival in Ras Al Khaimah. I really enjoyed the classes You and Kadu taught. I was able to follow your instruction even though I have never had any dance training. Thanks for sharing. I’m taking my first trip to Brazil next month and hope to put my new skills to good use.

    Jonathan McGowens from Dubai
  • I found the K&L Dance Online classes to be extremely helpful. I love the simplicity and format you have for the online videos.

    Christine Schwartz – Washington
  • K&L bring a special energy to every class that ensures everyone involved feels enthusiastic and happy about dance. Both teachers are able to give so many tips about both leading and following styling and technique which is always a bonus. When you join the classes at Goodlife you really do feel like you are part of a close family of friends :) Muito obrigada Kadu and Larissa xx

    Sara Gerritsma from Brisbane – Australia
  • “Kadu and Larissa represent the new flavour of Latin Dance in Brazil, with more and more people throughout the world loving their new style. Superior technique, creativity and professionalism are their brand”.

    Alex de Carvalho, Director – Centro de danca Alex de Carvalho from RJ – Brazil
  • “I will definately recommend the DVDs demonstrated by Kadu and Larissa. They’re so helpful and packed with practical tips and solid techniques. Ever wonder how to differentiate a professional dancer from the beginner dancing just the basic steps? The answer is in their DVDs. You will benefit a lot from the materials no matter you’re an absolute beginner or advanced dancer. I have already learned so much from these DVDs and can always find something new to learn when I watch them each time. It’s not just the moves and steps but also how they carry themselves, the posture, the techniques, the attitude and the flow of energy all blended perfectly with the timing and music.
    I like the way Larissa expresses herself. It’s a perfect reflection of who she really is. A vibrant, creative, artistic and energetic spirit full of life and rich in color. It’s such a bless being able to live in the same city with world class professional dance couple who creat their own style and dance with passion. It need talent, creativity and dedication. Kadu and Larissa have done such a wonderful job to raise the standard of Brazilian dance and being active promoters at the same time.
    I am now confident enough to dance with any advanced dancers. No one would believe I have only started dancing 10 weeks ago. And my little secret is keep practising instructions from K & L dance DVDs.
    Cannot wait to see more and would love to get the rest of the DVDs and enroll for the online courses as well once I have digested the majority of them. There’re so much to learn and I’m getting really excited for such useful resources.
    The DVD material and online courses are highly recommended for those who keen to learn dance as a life skill, speed up the learning and improve the techniques.
    Jennifer Yang from Brisbane”
    Jennifer Yang
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