Brazilians Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane are world renowned Latin dance instructors, performers and choreographers.

They established K&L Dance in 2012.

K&L Dance offers weekly dance classes in Brisbane, Australia.
Whether you’re a beginner who has never danced before
or an experienced dancer ready for your next challenge,
we have classes to suit. 

Learn from Latin dance instructors, performers and

So You Think You Can Dance Australia choreographers
Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane.

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K&L Dance Classes

K&L Dance was established by Brazilian dance professionals Kadu Pires and Larisa Thayane, in Brisbane, Australia, in 2012.

K&L’s teaching team is trained by Kadu and Larissa in the finer points of more than 3 dance styles and they share the newest of the new with their students.

Our school offer group classes, private classes, performance team opportunities and regular party nights where you can take what you have learned to the social dance floor.

Season 1, 2019 (8 weeks block) begins on January 21st.

Join our dance family today!

About Kadu and Larissa

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Kadu and Larissa are Brazilian Latin dance professionals who spend up to six months each year teaching, performing, choreographing and judging at the world’s most important Latin dance events and competitions. They are former “So You Think You Can Dance Australia” choreographers. They founded K&L Dance in 2013.

Today they are based in Los Angeles, USA.

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Online classes

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Subscribe to K&L Dance’s online dance classes. Your monthly subscription fee covers 12 movements in your chosen dance style at your dance level. Intermediate and Advanced zouk students receive a new class fortnightly. Or, subscribe to multiple dance styles and levels. Learn from Kadu and Larissa in the comfort of your own home. View our free online classes trial.

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K&L Dance regularly presents new music by our very own Kadu Pires. Practice those zouk moves to Kadu’s “Only You,” “Te Descobrir,” “Tu e Eu,” and more. Kadu’s sound is passionate and oh-so-smooth. Order on line, or order and collect at your next dance class. Watch for new releases!

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