A dynamic dance school

K&L Dance was established by Brazilian dance professionals Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane, in Brisbane, Australia, in 2012.

Today, the school sets the pace when it comes to new Latin dance techniques, moves and interpretations.

If it’s exciting and fresh, Kadu and Larissa produce it. 8 months out of every 12, they take their ideas around the world, spreading the word as they judge and perform and teach at dance congresses, community events and dance schools. As a team, they’re helping to reshape Brazilian zouk and remake samba de gafieira. As Latin dance trend setters, they’re sculpting and moulding moves reproduced on dance floors and stages everywhere.

K&L Dance’s teaching team is trained by Kadu and Larissa in the finer points of more than 3 dance styles. The school’s instructors share the newest of the new, with students.

We offer group classes, private classes, and online classes. We run regular party nights where you can take what you’ve learned to the social dance floor. We offer performance opportunities.

Todays current director Soraya McDonald is very motivated to work closely with all students and teachers to drive and shape results. Soraya’s view has always been that K&L Dance has the best quality teaching in Brisbane.

“I have been a K&L Dance student and fan myself for many years, so working with the brand was a career opportunity that I just couldn’t turn down. I am looking forward to joining Kadu and Larissa and their team to build upon plans that are already underway.” – Soraya

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Brazilian zouk

The sensual look of Brazilian zouk is created by body rolls, hip and head movements.
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Samba de gafieira

Funky, energetic and great for improving fitness, samba de gafieira challenges the body and the mind.
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Salsa is one of the most popular dance styles worldwide, is vibrant and energetic.
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