Treat Yourselves to Dancing: Beginner Salsa Lessons in West End

Looking to try something new with your significant other? Something active, something healthy for your relationship, something that introduces you to a whole new experience, and is a lot of fun. Try spicing things up with some beginner …read more .

In Need of Beginner Dance Lessons in West End? K&L Dance Caters to All Skill Levels and Abilities

Every step is a stumble. You plod through the day – your feet following awkward rhythms and always a beat behind. The journey is graceless and the days are long, and you sigh as you trip over yet another crack in the pavement. Your body …read more .

Learn to Salsa Dance in the West End

Are you looking for a great way to stay fit, have fun and learn new skills? K&L Dance is now offering beginner salsa lessons in the West End. With our main studio located in Woolloongabba and one class per week in the Valley, our classes are …read more .

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New with Beginner Tango Lessons in the West End of Brisbane

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Immerse Yourself in a New Culture with Brazilian Dance Classes in Woolloongabba

The reason so many people love to try and travel the world is because they love to experience new cultures and meet new people. One of the biggest joys in life is seeing how other people live and taking part in their recreational activities …read more .

Try our Leading Dance Classes in East Brisbane

Everybody needs a hobby; it’s a fact. We spend most of our days working hard at jobs that don’t particularly fill us with joy and then we return home to the same old routine of putting our feet up and watching the television. Of course, it’s …read more .

Leading School Offers Dance Classes in South Brisbane

Are you looking for dance classes in South Brisbane? Do you want to learn from the best? K&L Dance offers authentic, quality teaching and a fun environment at one of the leading Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira schools in Australia …read more .

Discover Variety with K&L Dance Classes in West End

Variety is the spice of life – and the driving force of dance. With every style comes a new rhythm to experience and a new technique to master. The steps are ever-changing, and the fun is ever-growing. This is the philosophy that defines K&L …read more .

Learn a New Skill and Share Laughter with New friends with Dance Classes in Woolloongabba

We all become tired of the same routine, day in day out. We wake up for work earlier than we’d like to in the morning, begrudgingly slip into our shirts and ties and enjoy a quick breakfast, and then we say hello to hard work for nine hours …read more .

Pair Latin Dance Classes in Woolloongabba with Experienced Instruction

The reflection is a dizzy one – a swirl of clumsy motions and hesitant steps. You dance in front of a mirror, trying to master Salsa techniques, copying twists you’ve seen on the television. Your movements fail to stay in sync with the music, though …read more .

Learn a New Skill You’ll Love with Salsa Classes in East Brisbane

There’s nothing more rewarding in life than learning a new skill that’s both useful and heaps of fun. Dancing is a talent that will last you a lifetime, and that’s why you might be interested in taking salsa classes in East Melbourne …read more .

Bring Your Brazilian Dreams to Life with Salsa Classes in West End

In your dreams music plays – sharp notes winding down cobbled lanes, weaving between colonial arches. It mingles with the hot swelter of the air, the spices drifting from open doors, and it leads you through an unknown city. This is Rio …read more .

Get in Shape the Fun way with Tango Classes in East Brisbane

We all understand the need to stay in shape, yet finding the motivation to exercise can be a tough task. If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s because we find many exercise routines simply too boring to making into a habit. Sure, heading …read more .

Take Tango Classes from World Champion Dancers in South Brisbane

Now you can learn to tango from some of the best dancers in the world, all in the comfort of your city. Located in Woolloongabba, K&L Dance offers Argentine Tango classes from reigning world champions José and May. We also teach one class a week …read more .

Experience the Fitness Advantages of Tango Classes in West End

It’s another sedentary evening. You sink deeper into the confines of a chair – arms flopping across the sides and eyes glazed. The hours are spent in a calorie-coated haze, munching idly on crisps as television shows blur together. It’s dull …read more .

Immerse yourself in the passion of dance with beginner Bachata lessons in Annerley

Last year’s cruise to the Caribbean was beautiful. The food was delectable, the excursions breathtaking, and the people were warm and inviting. You have contented memories of your vacation. …read more .

Impress Your Partner by Enrolling in Beginner Brazilian Zouk Lessons in Annerley at K&L Dance

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your love life this season? Research shows that signing up for a hobby, sport, or activity that both you and your partner enjoy can help bring you even closer while allowing you to have a tonne …read more .

Beginner Kizomba dance lessons in Annerley for fun, friends and fitness

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Get in touch with your inner dancer with beginner salsa lessons in Annerley

You are a responsible parent and employee. You pack your children’s lunches, check their homework, and get them to school and yourself to work each day punctually. You and your husband attend soccer matches, birthday parties and …read more .

Get in Awesome Shape with Brazilian Zouk Lessons Near Annerley at K&L Dance

Getting in shape has never been easier in a world with so many options for cardio, strength training, and calorie burning. One of the downsides to the large number of exercise program options, however, is that it can be difficult to find …read more .

Searching for Unique Dance Classes? Try Exciting Kizomba Lessons near Annerley at K&L Dance

Zumba swept the exercise world almost a decade ago and ever since then, dance lessons have become popular choices for people looking for fun exercise routines or simply looking to learn unique dance styles. One of the best things about dance …read more .

Make This Year the Best One Ever By Enrolling in Salsa Lessons near Annerley with the Professionals at K&L Dance

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Champion instruction for your Tango lessons in Annerley

Is there anything as romantic as watching two people Tango? As you looked at the dancers on television this afternoon, you were awestruck at the compilation of movements that manifest into something so passionate, sensual and dramatic. It …read more .

Have You Ever Considered Trying Bachata Lessons in Annerley?

Bachata remains relatively unknown in many parts of the world, but it’s a dance that originates from the Dominican Republic which is growing in popularity. Influenced by the dance disciplines of salsa and cumbia, bachata is usually danced …read more .

We Offer High-Quality, Encouraging Beginner Dance Lessons in Annerley

It can be difficult to find the time to exercise in this modern, busy world. We have no choice but to work hard almost every day of the week to put food on the table, and it’s not easy to find the chance to leave the desk. Additionally, some …read more .

Beginner Tango Lessons in Annerley Will Introduce You to a New Hobby You’ll Adore

Enjoyed by tribes and civilisations for millennia, dance has always been around, and some people think that it might be an instinctive behaviour. Though it’s virtually impossible to know exactly when the first people danced or how we know …read more .

Factors to Consider When Searching for Dance Classes in Annerley

Dancing is a fantastic way to spend time with your better half or make new friends, and there are many different styles you can learn. Of course, nothing is stopping you from heading to the nightclub to move your feet, but you’ll enjoy …read more .

Improve Your Dancing Technique with Dance Lessons in Annerley

Dancing is a fun form of exercise that’s enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, whether at a special event, a wedding or in a nightclub at the weekend. Dancing isn’t just a fantastic form of exercise – it’s also the ideal way to …read more .