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Kylie’s long-standing love of dance started at the age of six, with ballet classes. Later, she added jazz, contemporary, modern, and funk – before focussing on contemporary.

In 2006, Kylie started with Brisbane’s Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy, under Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco. A new world of partner dancing soon became a happy addiction, and Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira her passion. Since 2007 she has trained with Kadu and Larissa, who continue to inspire her with their discipline, energy, artistry and love of dance. She has trained and social danced in Brazil at the dance academies of Renata Pecanha, Alex de Carvalho and Jimmy de Oliveira.

Kylie has performed at events including Prague Zouk Congress, Sydney Latin Festival, Melbourne Latin Festival, Brazil Central, Doudoule, New Zealand Brazilian Dance Festival, and Casa do Zouk, and has also appeared as an instructor.

In 2010, Kylie started teaching at Brisbane’s Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy and in 2012, she joined the K&L Dance teaching team.

Kylie loves helping students find their ‘dance feet’, and seeing them having fun, learning. She hopes her passion for social dancing and performing inspires others, and plans to always have dance in her life.

“Dance isn’t about getting to a point on the floor. It’s about enjoying every step along the way.”
– Kylie Roots

Samba de gafieira

Managing the intricacies of samba de gafieira means always maintaining a strong, yet responsive frame.

Brazilian zouk

Brazilian zouk is sensual. It’s great for developing connection, flexibility, and a heightened sense of self awareness.

Performances - a selection
New Zealand Brazilian Dance Festival

Brazilian zouk performance – April, 2015

Brisbane Latin Dance Festival

Brazilian zouk performance – November, 2014

2nd Place

Casa do Zouk

Brazilian zouk performance – July, 2014

Sydney Latin Dance Festival

Brazilian zouk performance – January, 2014

Prague Zouk Congress - Czech Republic

Brazilian zouk performance – April, 2013