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Peter began dancing 2008 as a student at Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy under Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco and Kadu Pires, after seeing a salsa performance at a competition. He has never looked back.

At Rio Rhythmics, he focussed on Brazilian zouk, samba de gafieira and salsa – and now nominates his favourite dance style as samba de gafieira. He is passionate about sharing his love of samba de gafieira and introducing new students to its dynamic styling.

Peter has performed widely at events including the Sydney Salsa Congress, Melbourne Latin Festival, Byron Latin Fiesta and Brazil Central. “The capacity of dance to bring so many like-minded people together in one place is something that never ceases to amaze me,” he says.

Peter began teaching Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira at K&L Dance in early 2014. The same year, Peter and K&L Dance instructor, Rhiannon Farlow, took third place at the Brisbane Latin Festival competition in the professional division with a samba de gafieira routine choreographed by Kadu and Larissa.

Peter and Rhiannon Farlow placed second at the Salsa Summit competition in November, 2014, in Brisbane.

“I always enjoy performing because it’s a chance to showcase a dance style to a new audience and invariably, after the performance, people approach me and tell me how much fun it looked!”

“The most rewarding part of participating in dance competition is showing people how much you’re loving what you’re doing!”
– Peter Tresillian

Samba de gafieira

Relax into your dancing. The most important thing you can do on the dance floor is, have fun!

Brazilian zouk

Having trouble with a sequence? Think about your preparation. This is usually where the problem starts.

Performances - a selection
Sydney Latin Festival

Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira performance – January, 2014

Brisbane Latin Festival

Samba de gafieira performance – November, 2014

Byron Latin Fiesta

Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira performance – November, 2013

Brazil Central

Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira performance – October, 2013