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Kadu and Larissa spend anywhere from 3-6 months per year travelling around the world and teaching workshops at dance academies, congresses and other events sharing their passion for dance. Students from around the world often ask how they can learn from Kadu & Larissa on an ongoing basis. The concept of online dance classes has been around for some time however what makes K&L Dance online classes different is that students can easily ask questions and have them answered regularly by K&L in their monthly videos. Students can also view the videos anywhere, anytime and on any device directly through the online portal making this a very convenient way to learn. Online dance classes should be used as a supplement to attending traditional dance classes.


Our classes explain the technique, style and lead/follow on a series of movements that should be practiced with a partner. Leaders will learn how to execute figures with the appropriate  signals, timing, momentum and style. Followers will learn how to respond rapidly to the lead with the right body moment, style and timing. The Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira beginner courses give you every step necessary to get started. For those who have been dancing for a while, K&L online classes offer intermediate and advanced courses which will introduce you to multiple combinations, spins, bonecas, complex footwork, additional body movements and styling to add creativity and style to your dancing.

Brazilian Zouk Ladies Styling

Ladies, this is your chance to take control of your Brazilian Zouk technique with Larissa’s dedicated solo classes. With a strong focus on balance, head movements, footwork, isolations and gorgeous feminine styling, these classes provide the perfect practice tools to improve your dance and your confidence!

Why should you join us?

K&L Dance online classes are offered as a monthly subscription. For only US$30 per month you have access to 12 movements in your chosen dance style and dance level. You can also subscribe to multiple dance styles and levels. You are able to cancel your subscription to one style or level at any time and will still receive access to the videos until the current period has expired. Before you sign up you can see exactly how the classes are delivered by viewing our online classes trial at no cost.

As a member of K&L online dance classes you will also receive great benefits.

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